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Why Should You Move to VoIP?

In a world where technology is constantly changing the game for small and medium business owners, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a set and forget strategy you will not regret!! Moving to VoIP could be the best business decision you make this year!

And to prove it, we have put together some of the benefits for the move to VoIP:

Size Doesn’t Matter – a business can add and remove users/employees with the ease of a click of a button! There is no more need to wait days (weeks or even months) for a technician to come out and organise a new phone line when your business grows.

Cost Effective – moving to the VoIP will save majority of businesses between 20 – 50% of their annual telephone bill (line rental + call cost + maintenance/service charges + contract fees). At JT’s Cloud we have an obligation free phone bill comparison to prove how we can save you money!

Future Proof – the software and technology game is a hard to keep up to date, but with our VoIP system, you will never have to worry about that. We constantly update our systems from the back end and there is nothing you need to do for this.

Flexibility is Key – having remote offices and employees has never been simpler with VoIP. You can now have every staff member connected all to the same network no matter where they are. You and your staff will be able to answer any phone call and transfers between each other from wherever they are!

Awesome Features – our customers have access to the full range of advanced PBX functionality, including: Auto-attendant, on hold music and many more.

Next To No Maintenance – our system is a fully-hosted option, meaning we take any stress for you. There is no need for constant hardware updates, software updates are run automatically which means you are able to completely focus on the running of your business.

You Have Control – our customers have access to an online portal to the back end of their system, meaning they can edit any details, change caller groups, create/delete extensions and change voice mails. Amongst other things, they also have access to a real time billing system as well.

Reporting and Accountability – our reporting functionality allows our customers to assess how phones are being used. They can see number of calls in and out, average length of call and who is ringing/being rung. They can see how many rings before a phone is answered. They can see how many calls have been missed. At any time they can see who is on the phone, regardless of geographic location.

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