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Tanda is all-in-one workforce management software for employee rostering, time & attendance, automatic wage calculation (Award & Enterprise Agreement Interpretation) and includes add-ons and integrations with many payroll systems.

Tanda assists users to set daily/weekly schedule budgets for individual teams and the whole organisation. Rosters are costed automatically in real-time, so changes can be made to stay within the allocated budget. Staff are automatically notified by SMS/email of their upcoming shifts and any roster changes. Data from the Time Clock App populates employee timesheets automatically, and from here managers can compare variances between the rostered and actual costs.

Suitable for busy owners and managers in every industry having to deal with tedious timesheets and payroll tasks for productive workforces.

Businesses that use Tanda get the most from their workforce

  • Track staff time and attendance to the minute, as it happens
  • Use financial data to optimise your roster and payroll
  • Integrate with your existing payroll system
  • Manage leave, timesheets and rosters in one place
  • Delegate to your team

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