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Backupify, a Datto Company, is the leader in cloud-to-cloud backup, enabling enterprises to extend data protection and accessibility best practices to the cloud. More than two million business customers rely on Backupify to protect SaaS data in Office 365, G Suite and Salesforce.

More and more companies rely on SaaS to get business done. But with all that cloud data comes a whole new set of concerns. What if someone accidentally deletes or overwrites a file? How do you make sure business-critical cloud information isn’t tied to the person who created it? When employees leave the company, can you prevent their files and information from leaving with them?
Backupify’s cloud backup solution keeps your cloud data safe from all forms of harm, inappropriate behavior and loss — quickly, easily and above all, securely.

As a parter with Backupify, JT’s Cloud is able to provide you with a single point of contact to ensure that the integration of your business systems will be efficient and have a little effect on your business as possible.

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