What we do

At JT’s Cloud, we began with a small team with a simple mission: To provide cutting-edge cloud computing services to businesses at home and abroad.

Having grown out of Canberra, ACT, we’ve gone from a local business to one that’s part of the Apple Consultant Network, a working partner of Google Cloud, and a preferred partner of monday.com. Over the years, our goal has been to partner with industry leaders in the cloud software space to provide our clients with the best there is to offer.

Our speciality lies in several business solutions including POS systems, VoIP, Work Operating Systems and other software, which we customise for small to medium-sized businesses.

At JT’s Cloud, as the saying goes, your wish is our command.

Our platinum partners

Our Values

Our team is driven by excellence, transparency and the ultimate precision in everything we do. When we work with you and your company, you can guarantee that you will have hands-on support whenever you need it.

Many of our solutions like VoIP by JT’s Cloud are fully hosted, which means that updates and fixes are handled entirely by our team - you just plug and play.

Regardless of how big or small your business is, we customise our solutions to meet your exact needs. We also provide you with actionable insights wherever necessary, helping you leverage the full potential of the cloud services and technology we introduce.

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